Millenials Gen Y  and Gen Z are entering professional world. These generations are marked by an increased use and familiarity with communications, media, and digital technologies. They have used the internet since a young age, and they are generally comfortable with technology and with interacting on social media. They access a lot of information easily, everything is fast and instant in their life, their parents (the baby boomers generation and  “early” Gen Y) want they live life easier than their. Responding this type of generation, company have to manage their expectation and prepare the way to retain them. Because Gen Z are highly potential talent as long as they have willingness to learn and being patience.

PT Kaldu Sari Nabati Indonesia had a very pleasant moment to share about company’s expectation to millenials employees with students from Universitas Diponegoro. We tried to show that company understand about millenials characteristic such as 

  1. Open mind, active listener
  2. Clear parameters
  3. Need Appreciation
  4. Agile


Company also expects millenials to :

  1. Learn, “in box” before “out of box”
  2. Be Authentic
  3. Find your passion
  4. Have Commitment & consistent
  5. Speak up clearly


We also share about some career opportunity with Nabati Group and held selection process for Bachelor Degree from Food Technology, Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and etc to fill job positions such as : Production Foreman, Quality Control Foreman, Production Planning & Inventory Control , Food Technologist. Universias Diponegoro was very welcome and all the students were having high motivation to work. 

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