In all recruitment process, company and candidates hope that the process will run well. Company realizes those candidates want to contribute for the company and get income for their better lives. Therefore, there are a series of recruitment process as the element for the company to assess the candidates’ suitability; and also as a chance for the candidates to know more about the company that they choose so they can be sure with the job and the company itself. Along with the development of business’ needs, PT Kaldu Sari Nabati tries to increase the effectiveness of recruitment process for the candidates. Because of the improvement of the process, the candidates may be able to miss for some information from the company, it makes create 4 questions that common to be asked with the candidates in the recruitment process, and there are the answers also:


1. What steps of the recruitment process which I will do?

Here are the standard processes that will be done by the candidates for being a staff until supervisory

When the candidates succeed to finish the first step, they will continue to the next step. As well as if they not succeed, the recruitment process will not be continued.


2. After I completed the test and interview with Talent Acquisition, why I still not be contacted for the next interview?

When doing the interview with Talent Acquisition, first, make sure whether this process is needed directly for this moment or for long-term needed. Therefore you will know their priority of the recruitment process that you are do. For the candidates that needed directly for this moment, step will step will be doing in the short time. However the time of next interview with Hiring Manager is depends with their time and candidates’ time. Besides, Hiring Manager also meets other candidates to look for who that will be suitable for the company. Therefore, the selection step with Hiring Manager will take quite a long time.


3. I have finished the interview with Hiring Manager, but why I still not be contacted for the next step?

It might be happened for the long-term needed process. Usually the data of the candidates that succeed from the Hiring Manager will be used for the long-term needed process also, at least for 6 months or 1 year ahead.


4. What if I get the interview invitation with Hiring Manager, but I could not make it. Will I get another chance to reschedule the time?

Besides to have a proud achievement and succeed in the first recruitment process, cooperative attitude and good communication with the Talent Acquisition team that calls you is needed. Try to fulfill the invitation, but if there is another things that more urgent, just communicate it with them, and ask the replacement schedule politely. If you are not coming at the time that has been agreed, and report it long afterward, is not a professional attitude. 

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