Assist in creation, implementation, and development of regular/data analytical audit methodology, tools, and management system.

Assist in maintaining audit knowledge management and data repository.

Develop and maintain standard people development of auditors, work together with HC - People Development/Talent and Training.

Conduct audit quality assurance to ensure each audit activities comply with existing standard and procedure.

Assist IA Head to be strategic advisory to business process owner by providing data and analysis of business risk and control.


Bachelor degree in Accounting, Information System, Industrial Engineering, Mathematics/Science, Business, Finance, or Management.

1-3 year experienced in Internal Control, Internal Audit, Continuous Improvement would be advantage.

Have passion on continuous improvement.

Strong analytical thinking, data driven, good in detail, and able to work as team or individual.

Able to use SQL (Structured Query Language) and familiar with large data processing is a plus.